Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings Tacoma
Awnings are a wonderful way to keep your house cool in the glaring summer sun, but they can make your home gloomy in the winter when you’re trying to get as much sunlight inside as possible. Retractable awnings offer the perfect solution for this problem. Adding retractable awnings to Tacoma home or business allows for just the right amount of sun, all year long. Troger Awning & Sunscreen Company offers a large selection of retractable awnings in custom sizes and styles.

Retractable awnings add a touch of color and style to increase curb appeal while offering the added benefit of lowering utility bills. By keeping the sun from beating in through your windows and doors on hot months, you keep your home cooler. That decreases the work your air conditioning unit or fans have to do, which, in turn, decreases your utility bill.

Add Style and Utility with a Retractable Awning in Tacoma

Troger Awning offers a selection of top-quality awning materials from the best manufacturers. Our retractable awnings are built to last and come with strong warranties to prove it. Each detail is carefully designed and prepared to withstand the elements.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to walk you through the many options and help you narrow down the perfect color, size, print, and feature options for your retractable awnings. We are able to customize business names and branding to help draw attention to your business location.

Retractable Awnings Tacoma WA
Retractable awnings come with weather sensors. Our retractable awnings are powered with Simu and Somfy motors so you can set them to allow shade or sun according to your preference. An optional remote control option is included, so you can do it all with the touch of a button. The weather sensor retractable awning will automatically retract or set up to keep your preferred pre-settings. When the retractable awnings are set to fully retract, you won’t even notice they are there. You get style and convenience without lifting a finger!

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