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Retractable Awnings Seattle

Want an awning, but aren’t sure if you want to commit to the permanent aspect of a fixed one? We’ve got the perfect solution. In addition to our many other awning options, we also offer a wide selection of some of the best retractable awnings in Seattle, adaptable to any of your needs as a homeowner. If you’re not convinced already, here are a few reasons why Troger Awning & Sunscreen Company thinks one of our retractable awnings is the best option for you.

  • Convenience
  • Weather sensors
  • Disappears when not in use
  • Protects patio furniture
  • Improves heating and cooling efforts in your home

Our retractable awnings are powered with Simu and Somfy motors, and include optional remote controls, so you can set them up when you want some shade and take them down when you’re ready for some sun, all with a simple touch of a button. They keep decks and outdoor furniture dry when you need to use it.

We provide only the best retractable awnings, built by the best manufacturers and that come with the top warranties. After we have installed your quality awnings, they will hold up over time for many years to come.

Automated Retractable Awnings Seattle WA

Another fantastic attribute of our retractable awnings is the weather sensor that accompanies each these systems, creating more convenience than ever imagined. This little tool can be set to your selection of weather protection and temperature, and will retract or set itself up according to what you have programmed. This option is especially great for the protection of patio furnishings or any other outdoor items that needs to be guarded from the blistering sun or pouring rain—when the weather gets intense, the awning will simply set itself up to protect your property, and you don’t even have to be home to worry about it!

Retractable awnings are available in several different shapes and many different sizes, colors, and styles. We offer something for every homeowner’s sense of design preferences. Retractable awnings are also a great way to assist your heating cooling efforts, as they let in as much sun as possible on those chilly winter days and block out the harsh rays of the summer heat. This is especially helpful for homes with a large glass door or picture window that creates a large impact on how hard your heating and cooling system has to work. In fact, retractable awnings can pay for themselves over time with the added savings to your utility bills!

Retractable Awnings Seattle Washington Retractable Awnings Seattle WA

When the weather is nice and you are ready to soak up some sun, the awning will retract itself and simply vanish from sight, keeping the outdoor areas of your home beautiful and clutter-free.

Awnings are much more affordable than many people expect. Talk to us about the style and design you would like added to your home, and let us find the right awning to fit your budget.

If you reside in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact us and learn more about what we can do for your home or business. Or, stop by our beautiful showroom, conveniently located near the I-705 on Tacoma Avenue.

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