Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings OlympiaCreate shade and shelter when you want and sun when you don’t with retractable awnings in Olympia.

At Troger Awning & Sunscreen Company we offer a vast selection of retractable awnings made by the top manufactures. You will find custom retractable awnings for any size and shape of space you have. All that, and you can select from a nearly inexhaustible array of colors and patterns. We have all your needs covered when you come to us.

Living in Olympia comes with a unique mix of weather. In the summer the sun can be harsh. It can cause damage and fading to carpet, wood floors, furniture, and more. You may want to spend time enjoying the warm days, but not quite have it beating down on you. That is when it is time to roll out the retractable awning. Plan those outdoor patio parties in comfort and style.

In the winter people in Olympia want as much sun as we can get. That is when it is time to roll back the retractable awning and let in whatever sun comes along.

Add Style and Utility with a Retractable Awning in Olympia

Retractable awnings do more than just create shade from the sun. They help save on utility costs as well. Keeping the glaring sun from pouring in your windows on hot days will cut back on your cooling costs. Don’t have an air conditioner? The awnings will naturally keep your home or business cooler by blocking out the intensity of the sun’s heat.

We offer retractable awnings with features such as:

Retractable Awnings Olympia Washington

  • Programmable Weather Sensors
  • Remote Control
  • Power Motors

This kind of functionality and versatility is reason enough to add retractable awnings to your home or office, not to mention the stylish accent they create. With our outstanding selection you will find just the right colors and pattern to accentuate your exterior decor.

Enjoy top-quality in every detail of our retractable awnings in Olympia.

Contact us today to find out more about custom retractable awnings in Olympia.