Handrails Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Olympia

Handrails Seattle

Handrails Seattle WA

When it comes to handrails in Seattle, we consider ourselves experts. Not only do we offer full service regarding installation and repair, but we also have a diverse and customizable selection of picket, glass, and cable wire handrails for you to choose from.

In almost any area, handrails are an essential part of your home. Here in Seattle, however, they are especially necessary, considering the annual amount of rain we get—it gets slippery! Here at Troger Awning & Sunscreen Company, we will always make sure that your handrails are up to code in terms of safety from ledges and stairs.

Types of Handrails

  • Glass
  • Picket
  • Cable Wire

Why Handrails?

Aside from necessity, handrails also add to the aesthetic value of your home, consequently raising the overall value of your property and keeping your outdoor areas both beautiful and safe.

So if you’re thinking about adding handrails to your Seattle home or commercial property in the near future, we’re here for you. We’ve been providing Seattle with top-notch handrails and friendly customer service for over twenty years and have become somewhat of perfectionists along the way. So don’t hesitate — contact us today if you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia or the surrounding areas!

Hand Rails Seattle